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A Good Start for the QFCC

7 December 2017

The QFCC Holiday events marked the end of the first three months of the 2017-2018 year. 

The year started in September with the annual Kick Off cocktails. Both events in Quebec and Florida were a good way to lead off the year after summer. The members got to network and to learn about the new projects the QFCC team had to offer for the upcoming year.

In October, a delegation from Quebec went to Florida to participate in a TradeMission. Before leaving, the participants received a training given by experts to help them with their businness development in Florida. The Trade Mission has already shown great potential.

The QFCC team then held, in November, the first edition of the Discovery cocktails. The goal was to tell people about the succes and challenges of a company while developing in Florida. The event showed Adrien Gagnon’s experience. The members were inspired by their story and learned from it.

A few weeks later, two Meet and Learn, one in Quebec and one in Florida, gave the members an opportunity to learn about taxes and intellectual property in the United States. Some experts gave advices for canadian business in the United States.

Beside these events, the QFCC is proud to welcome twenty new members.

Moreover, we would like to thank the members who get involved in various committees  and in the board of directors.


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