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31 May 2016

During the second edition of the QFCC’s luncheon the focus was on maximizing cloud solutions to grow your business. We had the pleasure to welcome Etienne Berthiaume from Gurus Solutions who discussed more in depth with our members about the advantages of cloud solutions.  The group was quite diversified with representatives from the real estate, IT Solutions, hotelier – tourism services, nursing, insurance brokerage, immigration, health coaching, and restaurant sectors present for the discussion.

Technology has allowed businesses to operate more accurately and precisely.  As mentioned during the discussion, our members pointed out the advantage of now being able to target a much more precise audience in their marketing campaign therefore increasing results and reducing their costs. The possibility to reduce the risk of error by sometimes replacing one or more employee by an automated system was also mentioned as a great advantage of the different cloud solutions presented.

Our expert concluded the discussion with the following tips for picking the right solution:

  • Picking a technology stack means picking a scalable platform that will be the foundation for growth.
  • The best application is one that can be replaced easily, if needed.
  • Different parts of your business will grow at different times and rates.
  • Take time to understand the different systems you have in place and their different growth timelines.

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Fortunately, many software, ERPs and platforms can be customized with add-on apps that will do virtually anything your company needs.  These apps will allow you to adjust to your company’s growth one piece at the time.