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Trends in Global Commerce: The relation of 3 countries with Florida

7 March 2017

Trends in Global Commerce: The relation of 3 countries with Florida

We are pleased to have been invited by the Consulate General of Canada in Miami to the OWIT – Organization of Women in International Trade – panel. Presented by Consuls General Susan Harper from Canada, Nathalie Olijslager-Jaarsma from The Netherlands and Jose Antonio Zabalgoitia from Mexico. Following is the highlight of the information shared during this discussion.

CANADA, Susan Harper

canadaCanada and the US have a massive trade relationship. Partnerships are a big part of the Canada international affaires. In fact, Canada has trade agreements with 45 countries. More precisely, 2 billion USD are exchanged every day between Canada and the US and close to 9 million jobs are sustained through this trade. These numbers don’t include the enormous amounts of tourists that visit Florida, 4.2 million that spend up to 5.1 billion dollars each year. Canada is very proud to entertain such a relationship with Florida. Canada is also number one for import of Florida’s Orange Juice.

Canada’s industries of expertise in Florida and the world:

  • Consulting and services
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Digital media
  • Clean tech and energy
  • Life sciences


MEXICO, Jose Antonio Zabalgoitia

mexicoIn the past 50 years Mexico’s economy has incredibly changed and grown. This boom was due to the opening of its economy to foreign trade through the implementation of NAFTA. Since then Mexico is diversifying its expertise to no longer be dependent on oil price. In fact, they are experiencing a shift to manufacturing. This trade agreement helped build trust between the US and Mexico. Florida, even though it is not in the top 5 of exchange partners, trades up to 5 billion dollars a year. Mexico’s relation is obviously stronger with states that share a border to do the transport routes. The high levels of imports and exports between those two countries are overloading the land transportation making sea routes with Florida more and more necessary. Furthermore, Miami shows largest amount of Spanish speakers and media in the US.

Mexico’s industries of expertise in Florida and the world:

  • Aerospace
  • Technology manufacturing

NETHERLANDS, Nathalie Olijslager-Jaarsma

NetherlandsThe Netherlands being such a small country is very dependent on imports with neighbouring countries and the rest of the world. Indeed, the US is in the top 5 of the Netherlands trade partners. A fun fact is that one of the biggest exports to the Netherlands from Florida are grapefruits. Other relations with these two regions is Heineken’s American headquarters located in Miami. Miami is the North-American gateway to Latin-American markets. This location is not only strategic for North-American companies but also for European ones.

The Netherlands’s industries of expertise in Florida and the world:

  • Water control and sea levels
  • Logistics in connectivity and transport
  • Data analytics
  • Sustainability
  • Transporting perishables such as flowers