Throwback on the trade mission to Florida: Exploring innovation and collaboration

From February 5 to 9, a group of entrepreneurs and business leaders embarked on a stimulating journey through the vibrant landscapes of Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando/Lake Nona and Tampa for HEALTH TECH, DIGITAL/TELE HEALTH industry. Let’s recap the program for these 5 special days.

🌟Day 1: Fort Lauderdale

The trip began in Fort Lauderdale with a warm welcome from Louis-Olivier Guay, President of the Canada-Florida Chamber of Commerce, and other distinguished speakers. The morning was enlivened by discussions on the topics of immigration and taxation, which provided valuable information for companies looking to expand their horizons. The highlight of the day was a panel presentation on healthcare technologies, highlighting the latest innovations revolutionizing the industry. In the early evening, guests headed to a cocktail reception hosted by Banque Desjardins, where connections were made and ideas exchanged in a wonderful setting.

🌟Day 2: Fort Lauderdale/Miami

The following day, after a morning in Fort Lauderdale, guests arrived in the early afternoon to the bustling streets of Miami, where they delved deeper into economic development opportunities at the Beacon Council Miami-Dade County Economic Development Agency. Presentations from industry experts and B2B meetings fueled enthusiasm for collaboration in this dynamic region. The day ended with a delicious dinner at Boulud Sud hosted by Corpay. They were finally escorted back by Brightline to Fort Lauderdale to spend the night.

🌟Day 3: Orlando/Lake Nona

The trip continued to Orlando with Brightline, where they were able to immerse themselves in the innovative spirit of Lake Nona. From insightful roundtable discussions to visits to cutting-edge facilities such as the LeAD gas pedal and the UCF incubator at Guidewell, every moment was filled with inspiration and possibility. As the day drew to a close, they gathered for a cocktail reception sponsored by Zafeiri Corp and the Orlando Economic Partnership, celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit that defines this thriving community.

🌟Day 4: Tampa

The final leg took them to the vibrant city of Tampa, where they explored research and innovation opportunities at the USF Research Park and CAMLS. A reception at the Tampa Bay Club, hosted by BMO, provided the perfect setting for networking and camaraderie, where they were able to spend their final evening of this Sunshine State journey with memories that will last a lifetime.

🌟Day 5: Tampa

The final day began with an overview and visit to Tampa Bay Wave, where they listened to exciting speeches from several speakers. Then they headed to SHUMAKER where they got to explore the city of Tampa. Finally, after being able to listen to several people they were able to wrap up the trade mission and say their goodbyes.

💡Concluding the mission

The Florida trade mission is a reminder of the power of collaboration, innovation and community. From forging new partnerships to gaining insights into emerging trends, this trip was nothing short of transformative.

👥If you would like to see a detailed summary of our participants, speakers, sponsors, and dignitaries, we invite you to click on the link to the booklet we gave to our participants:


🙏✨Moreover this mission would not have been possible without the help of our amazing sponsors so a huge thank you to:

USF WORLD, University of South Florida



Air Canada

Desjardins Bank



TampaBay Protocol & Trade

TampaBay WAVE

TampaBay Florida










WILKINSON Global Connections, L.L.C.

Your support and generosity were instrumental in the success of this initiative, and we are extremely grateful for your partnership. Together, we’ve paved new pathways for trade and innovation between Canada and Florida. ✨💼

🤩🌟🌴Until next time, in Florida, thank you for an unforgettable adventure!🌴🌟🤩