Karine Martinez, Executive Director, Florida chapter

What is her title, her role and what motivates her?

We invite you to meet Karine, Executive Director of the Canada-Florida Chamber of Commerce. Her crucial role is to stimulate the growth of the Chamber while acting as the privileged point of contact for our members. When we asked her what motivates her to join the Chamber, she told us it’s the business relationships and the added value of an active chamber in Florida that facilitates exchanges between entrepreneurs and professionals. Karine joined the Chamber with the desire to expand her business network in Florida and to become actively involved. Her story demonstrates the passionate commitment of our members to the collective success of the Canada-Florida business community.

What are her personal passions and interests? And what has been her career path?

Outside of work, Karine’s passions include good food, dancing, nature and supporting animal charities. Her diversified professional career spans over 15 years, with notable expertise in business development in Quebec, mainly in the manufacturing sector, both at the corporate and SME levels. Her passion for service and relationships drives her every day. Based in Miami since July 2022, Karine appreciates the city’s effervescence and the business opportunities it offers. She particularly enjoys the diversity of Florida, where each city seems to be a universe unto itself.

What are her ambitions and objectives for the Canada-Florida Chamber of Commerce?

As Executive Director, Karine’s goal is to bring members together so they can make the most of it. She also works to strengthen relationships with other chambers of commerce to broaden horizons. This year, a particular focus is on digital platforms, with close collaboration with Agence Middle to increase the chamber’s visibility on social networks.

Contact her by email using karine.martinez@canadafloridachamber.com


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